1. Lack of Concentration: If you fail to keep your mind on the job while Hunting or carry home problems into the field, you start to make errors. It can cost you and your fellow agents their lives.
2. Tombstone Courage: Just what it says, if time allows wait for backup. There are very few instances where you should try and make a dangerous apprehension unaided.
3. Not Enough Rest: to do your job you must be alert. Lack of sleep or being sleepy can endanger yourself, the community and fellow agents.
4. Taking a Bad Position: Never let anyone you are questioning or about to arrest get in a better position than you are. THERE IS NO SUCH ANIMAL AS A ROUTINE arrest!!!
5. Not Heeding the Danger Signs: As a recovery agent you will get to recognize "danger signs". Movements, strange cars, warnings that should alert you to watch your step and approach with caution. Know your file and watch for what is out of place.
6. Failure to Watch the Hands of a Suspect: Is he or she reaching for a weapon or getting to smack you? WHERE ELSE CAN A KILLER STRIKE FROM, BUT FROM THEIR HANDS!!!!
7. Relaxing Too Soon: YES, the rut of false alarms are accidental or whatever. Still, observe the activity. NEVER take any arrest as routine or just another false alarm. It could be your ass on the line.
8. Improper Handcuffing: Once you have made the arrest, handcuff the prisoner CORRECTLY! See that the hands that can kill you are safely secured.
9. No Search or Bad Search: There are too many places to hide a weapon that if you fail to search you are guilty of committing a crime against other agents and officers that will have contact with your prisoner. Many people carry weapons and are able and ready to use them on you. Never assume that the next guy or the jailer will do a "GOOD" search.
10. Dirty or Inoperative Weapon: Is your sidearm clean? How about the bullets? Did you clean your weapon since the last range? Or have you even shot or practiced drawing your weapon recently? Can you hit your target in a combat situation? You must practice faithfully and religiously.

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