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REWARDS4FUGITIVES.COM is a website developed to raise public awareness with regards to sensitive issues in all our communities.

We have designed a system to REWARD citizens for their cooperation in locating FUGITIVES, METH LABS, MISSING CHILDREN and ADULTS, and last but not least, MISSING PETS.

Our goal is simple; make our neighborhoods and communities a safer place for everyone. Our team of investigators will take on one case per month. Four times a year, we will work a fugitive case, a missing person case, and a meth lab case. We will post the results in the FEATURED THIS MONTH link as well as in our monthly newsletter.

Our court system is by far the best judicial system in the world. Having said that, the system only truly works when all involved parties are held accountable. This means a defendant that has been charged with a crime, or a person whom is wanted in connection with a crime, must appear in court at all their court dates until a disposition is reached. When a defendant is on a bail bond and misses court, he or she now victimize the co-signer who bailed them out as well as the Bail Bond agent who tried to help the defendant. Help us hold fugitives accountable by reporting any information you have, to the proper Law Enforcement agency, Bail Bond agent, or to whoever posted the information about the fugitive. When an arrest is made you will receive a cash REWARD, no questions asked. The REWARD is paid by REWARDS4FUGITIVES.COM, the Bail Agent, our partners and our sponsors.


METH is now considered our country's worst drug. METH related CRIME is up everywhere. In terms of damage to our youth and our society, METH is by far the most dangerous drug in America. It is estimated that over 15 million Americans have tried METH and over 2 million are regular users.

METH operations have now been seized in all 50 states. The problem just continues to grow. The damage devastates families, and the cost to taxpayers for METH LAB clean up is astronomical. The time has come for all of us to fight back! If you suspect someone is operating a METH LAB, report it to us. We will coordinate with the proper authorities to shut them down. If your information leads to an arrest or a lab being shut down, you will receive a cash REWARD, no questions asked. For information as to what to look for go to our METH LAB pages. The REWARDS offered for METH LAB busts are paid by REWARDS4METHLABS.COM, our partners and our sponsors.


MISSING PERSONS can be Children or Adults. They can be abducted by strangers or family members. Sometimes they are runaways or sometimes they are missing without explanation. Whatever the reason, they are someone's loved ones. We urge everyone to do their part by regularly taking a look at the missing persons listed on this and other missing person sites. You can narrow your search to just your area or nationwide. If you see someone that you may recognize, or that you have information about, please call the listed organization or REWARDS4MISSINGPERSONS.COM (1-855- 8 FIND US). If the information you provide leads to the recovery of a missing person, you will receive a cash REWARD, no questions asked. The REWARD is paid by REWARDS4MISSINGPERSONS.COM and our sponsors.


MISSING PETS: Let's face it- we all love our pets; they become part of the family. We have set up a site for owners of pets to list a photo and the pet's information on a database for everyone to see. If you have found a pet simply go to REWARDS4MISSINGPETS.COM, identify the owner of the pet, and call or send the owner a message. If a pet is returned home then you will receive a REWARD. The REWARD will be paid by REWARDS4MISSINGPETS.COM, the pet owner, our partners and our sponsors.


In addition to our REWARDS area of the website, we have added a legal network of professionals which includes Attorneys, Expert Witnesses, Process Servers, Paralegals, Transcribers, Bail Bond Agents, Fugitive Recovery Agents, and Private Investigators. Website users can browse through all the quality companies, view the company's description of services, send the business a message or go to their website.

The Resources page offers industry relevant links to thousands of Websites nationwide.

Our sponsors, partners, and Law Enforcement entities donate time and resources to assist in paying REWARDS offered on this site, as well as the expenses for our investigation team. For a list of our sponsors and partners, please go to the SPONSORS page.

If you have information about a different topic that you feel is important please call us anytime at (855) 8 FIND US.

Thank you for visiting our site. Please visit us often, and help us by spreading the word to all your friends in your social networks.

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Do not attempt to apprehend any fugitive on this website. Call the listing agent or agencies with any information.

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