Bondsman Beware

Bondsman Beware was started to raise awareness among Bail Bond Agents on a national basis; to BEWARE of certain Defendants and Co-Signers.

These are not just people who missed court; we are talking about people who completely lied and intentionally, maliciously set out to defraud the bail bond company.

The following is an example of what Bondsman Beware will help to raise awareness.

A bond file was given to Elite Fugitive Recovery & Investigations with a request to locate and arrest a defendant whom had failed to appear on a $50,000.00 bond. Being the bondsman on a $50,000.00 FTA is an awful feeling. All bond agents realize that any bond is a risk, even if everything is done right. Sometimes there are people that go out of the way to defraud the bondsman.

As the recovery company worked this file they discovered that the co-signer was just as much a problem as the defendant. The bond was secured by a property put up by the co-signer, it appeared to be a good bond to write; property records verified that the property was in the name of the co-signer and there seemed to be equity in the property based on property values and sales in that area.

The recovery agents found that the home put up as collateral wasn't the co-signer's property. The co-signer had been married several times, used many combinations of names, had a notary stamp using her middle name and a previous married last name; she did a quitclaim deed on the house that she and the defendant were renting deeding the house to her under the name she was currently using. She used her notary under the other name to notarize the document and filed it with the county. She then waited for the county records to update and show her as the owner then she went to the bondsman to post the bond.

The bond agent ran the property and everything checked out so they did the bond. The one thing the agent didn't do is actually see a mortgage statement. If the co-signer could not have produced the statement, that may have raised a red flag with the bond agent.

The defendant was eventually captured but there was great expense involved in doing so. The co-singer unbelievably attemted to use the same house to rebond the defendant with another bail bond company; without success, fortunately, because the new bond company knew the previous company.

I would encourage every bondsman in the country to report their story of being scammed by a co-signer and or defendant to BONDSMAN BEWARE. Feel free to give as much detail as you like. Hopefully this will help prevent these dirt bags from defrauding the next bond agent.

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Bondsman Beware

Bondsman Beware is for Professional Bail Bond Agents to post information about defendants whom they have bonded out and or co-signers that purposefully attempted to defraud the Bail Agent with false information.

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