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"The National Voice of the Bail Agent"
The mission of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS) is to provide Information, Education and Representation for the 15,000 bail agents nationwide.


The Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that "excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel or unusual punishment inflicted." A natural result of this right is the constitutional guarantee of reasonable bail pending trial, a concept which has been universally affirmed by the Courts of this great Union.

The Professional Bail Agent is the main instrument through which the right to freedom before trial is practically applied. This function imposes obligations beyond ordinary private enterprise. It imposes grave social responsibility to which the Bail Agent should dedicate herself or himself, and for which the Bail Agent should prepare diligently. The Bail Agent, therefore, must be zealous in maintaining and improving the standards of the bail professional and share with fellow Bail Agents a common responsibility for the integrity and honor of the bail profession.

The specific purpose of this corporation is to promote the mutual benefit of its members by disseminating information among members of the Association about issues of import to the profession and to monitor and attempt to influence governmental decisions that impact the profession.



With more than 1,200 bail agents in business in North Carolina today, it is crucial to have a strong association in place that works to protect, preserve and promote the private bail industry in North Carolina. This is exactly what the North Carolina Bail Agents Association works to do.

As an association, we are dedicated to ensuring our members receive quality continuing education so they are a productive player in the bail bonding industry as well as the stateís overall justice system. We believe our members are critical players in our stateís justice system as we work daily with a variety of court officials. Our goal is to shape and improve our industry and the overall justice system.


The object and purpose of this Corporation is to improve the standards of the bail professional.

Promote cooperation among the members of the Association, and with the Criminal Justice Community, protect the Integrity, and honor of the bail profession, and to monitor, and attempt to influence governement decisions that impact the profession, and to promote free enterprise bail.


Orange County Bail Agents Association

The Orange County Bail Agents Association was formed in 1996 for the purpose of assisting local bail agents in informing the Public, Law Enforcement, and the Courts on how bail bonds work.

For over 15 years OCBAA has built relationships with the Orange County Sheriffs Department, The Orange County District Attorneys Office and several local Law Enforcement Agencies. These relationships have proven to be valuable with relation to how the bail process works in Orange County.

Our Mission:
The OCBAA shall: Promote, advance, preserve and protect the business interests of retail bail agents based in Orange County, CA.


Michigan Professional Bail Agents Association


Professional surety increases the safety of Ohioís citizens. You know that our bail is superior to all other forms. Your association is informing the press, the judiciary, the attorneys, the clerks of court, the police, and the public about our service.




GSBAA is the bail agentís advocate on California legislative and regulatory issues, and GSBAA members are vital to our grassroots voice. The GSBAA web site provides members with 24 hour-a-day access to information on issues, pending legislation, and your elected officials.


The ISBAA endeavors to protect and serve the best interest of the commercial surety bail agents operating in Indiana by standing sentry over legislative efforts adverse to there interest. ISBAA has committed to promote professionalism, ethical behavior and education and to enhance the public perception of the bail industry in Indiana.


The Georgia Association of Professional Bondsmen, Inc. promotes professionalism among professional bail agents in Georgia, promotes cooperation between the bonding industry and the criminal justice system, and encourages adherence by all bondsmen to the highest standards of conduct.




For more than a half century, the BAIL AGENTS ASSOCIATION OF SAN DIEGO COUNTY, INC. and its alliance with other county and state bail associations have advanced the profession through development and enforcement of a strong code of ethics for its members, legislative advocacy, professional networking, support of bail agent certification and education.


The FSAA is an action-oriented not-for-profit organization dedicated to keeping a safe and prosperous work environment for every bail agent in the state. We work toward that goal through unity, education, peer support and legislative action. If you are not a member, we need you to join us in our work.


WSBAA is the state professional association representing the state's licensed and appointed bail agents. The Department of Licensing and the Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS) recognize WSBAA as the voice of the State of Washington. WSBAA works with our lobbyist Gordon Walgren to assist with legislation that may affect our profession. Our goal is to protect, promote and preserve the profession.


NCBAA works to preserve, protect and promote the private bail bond industry in North Carolina.

Created in 1992, the North Carolina Bail Agents Association (NCBAA) works to preserve, protect and promote the private bail bond industry in North Carolina. The association is dedicated to ensuring the industry and those working in it are represented and held to the highest of standards as required by the state. The NCBAA is the only statewide association working to train bail agents and strengthen the bail bonding profession in North Carolina.


The Association was formed as a corporation in 2010 by John A Burns and is comprised of professional bondsmen who seek uniformity in enforcing bail, forfeiture, and exoneration procedures. The members also desire to change the public perception of professional bondsmen through lobbying efforts and creating a Code of Conduct that members can use to change perceptions of an industry that historically has been looked down upon.



We are pleased and excited to announce the formation of the Minnesota Professional Bail Bond Association (MNPBBA). As you know, bail bonds are an integral and constitutionally recognized part of the pre-trial release system in Minnesota.


The Pinellas County Bail Bonds Association is the local professional association representing Pinellas Countys Bail Bond Agents since 1993.

The PCBBA strives to Improve professionalism in the Bail Industry, Facilitates information crucial to the bail industry, and works diligently to educate ALL bail agents on matters concerning their profession. Let us work together to insure that our criminal justice system works.


The Magnolia State Bail Agents Association was founded in 2008 by a group of bail agents who felt that the interests of bail agents were not being represented in state and local government. While the founders were competitors, they discovered that they had a lot in common and formed MSBAA to pursue their common interest in promoting and propagating the Mississippi bail industry.


Bail Agencies and Surety Insurance Companies, we have a membership designed especially for you!

Stay informed about issues concerning the Bail Industry in the state of Idaho and the Agents who work here. Show your agents you support the Professional Bail Agents of Idaho! All others, if you have an association with the bail profession such as Lawyers, Courts, Law Enforcement, Bail Enforcement, or whatever the case may be, checkout our associate membership for individuals and our company memberships for groups agencies, or (non insurance) companies.


The Professional Bondsmen of Texas, an association, was established in 1970 as the Texas Association of Professional Sureties to support and assist bondsmen in the advancement of their business. PBT is the preeminent source for bail bond news and high quality continuing education in Texas to enhance the betterment of the bond industry.


The NYPBA, New York Professional Bondsmen & Agents, was founded by President George Zouvelos; New York State licensed Professional Bail Bondsman and President of Spartan Bail Bonds of New York.

The NYPBA is the only professional commercial bail industry & Bail Bondsman organization in the State of New York that specializes in actively seeking to defend, promote and educate every segment of the population of the numerous benefits and importance of the existence of a vibrant and active commercial bail industry within the State of New York and across these United States.

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