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Rewards 4 Fugitives was formed to raise public awareness and urge our communities to come together and get involved in cleaning up our neighborhood. By 2009, we received over 1000 tips, and 223 arrests were made. After seeing the results of the FUGITIVE campaign, we have chosen to add the following REWARD topics which are all intended to increase the safety of our communities.


Anyone who has information regarding a FUGITIVE, a MISSING PERSON, an active METH LAB, or even a missing pet, can report that information to REWARDS4FUGITIVES.COM and if an arrest or a recovery is made based on the information provided, that person will receive a REWARD. The REWARD is paid in cash and the person providing the information can remain anonymous if so desired.

The REWARDS are paid by REWARDS4FUGITIVES.COM. The funding to pay the REWARDS comes from our partners and our sponsors. Our partners are all the companies whom have chosen to list their company on this website. Our sponsors are the companies that have chosen to donate time and or resources to our cause. Our sponsors and partners are from communities all over the country. They are everyday hardworking people whom, like us, want to make a difference. They can sponsor a banner, a state or be a national sponsor.

Check out the fugitives everywhere or just in your area. GET INVOLVED-GET PAID.

Watch for signs of METH LABS in your neighborhood (Click on the what to watch for under the METH LAB page for info). Then if you see it, report it. GET INVOLVED-GET PAID.

Unfortunately, people go missing everyday for a variety of reasons. We are asking for the people of our communities to check out the missing persons on our site and any other missing persons websites on a regular basis. Together we can make a difference and bring people back home. GET INVOLVED-GET PAID.

Pets, for most people, become part of the family. When a family pet is missing, it can be very traumatic. Owners of lost pets can now list a photo of their pet and information about the pet for anyone and everyone to see. If a pet goes missing immediately list your pet. If you find a pet, you can go to the missing pet page. First choose the State you live in; then check to see if the pet you have found has been listed. Our goal is for this to become common knowledge as the place to go if you have found or lost a pet. Once this is accomplished, pets can be reunited with their families as quickly as possible. GET INVOLVED-GET PAID.

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Do not attempt to apprehend any fugitive on this website. Call the listing agent or agencies with any information.

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Bondsman Beware

Bondsman Beware is for Professional Bail Bond Agents to post information about defendants whom they have bonded out and or co-signers that purposefully attempted to defraud the Bail Agent with false information.

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